Show Pony

Show Pony

If you’ve ever entered your pony into a show, then you’ll know that the competition can be tough. There are a lot of beautiful ponies out there! There are, of course, many things that the judges want to see from the ponies in the competition, much of which has to do with genetics (which you can’t control), grace and training (which you can), and overall style (which you definitely can). One of the best ways to mark the latter is to have a beautiful browband that makes your pony sparkle.

Browband for show ponies

The browband might primarily serve a function, but it does much more than simply preventing the bridle from slipping, and especially so when you’re in a competition where the pony is going to be judged, in part, on appearance. Then, the browband takes on an extra importance. Because of this, it’s important that your show pony browband perfectly suits your horse. There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind when picking a browband, the biggest of which is the colour; you’ll want to match the browband to the complexion of your pony, and any other accessories they’re wearing.

Getting your own made

Rather than just selecting from one of the mass-produced browbands, it’s a good idea, for show ponies and in general, to have one custom made for you. This gives you greater control over the look of your pony, and also enables you to add attractive touches that typically aren’t available on mass-produced items. Custom made browbands are made with high-quality materials, which might just give you that little extra bump in the mind of the judges, especially if you’ve added other decorative features too. You can either design your own browband, or work with a bespoke browband maker to come up with a design that you (and your pony) will love.

For others

You don’t have to be a rider in order to buy a browband. Some show pony entrants are so preoccupied with their training, that they don’t think about the browband that their pony is going to wear. This is where you can come. If you know the colour of the animal and their accessories, then you can buy a browband for them. It’s a perfect gift, one that’ll be especially valued by the rider -- and especially so if it’s the extra touch that gets them on a placement on the winner's board.

About the company

When you’re looking for a show pony browband, there’s only one company that you’ll want to work with: Jackie’s Browbands. With more than twenty years of experience in making browbands and other accessories, they’re your one-stop shop when it comes to all things browbands. Every item is handmade in-house by Jackie herself, who always uses the highest quality materials. Because of this emphasis on always using the best, Jackie’s Browbands have developed a solid reputation among customers for their durability and all-around quality. When it comes to your next show, make sure you talk with Jackie beforehand.