Show Browband

Show Browband

If you’re a horse owner who enters their horse into horse shows, then you’ll already know the importance of making sure that he or she looks the part. You need to make sure that they’re well-groomed, trained, and ready, when the day comes, to put their best foot forward. As well as their physical appearance, you’ll also need to think about the browband that they’re wearing. This might primarily have a functional purpose, but when it comes to a horse show, they are a cosmetic addition that can make your horse sparkle.

The importance of Browbands

The browband that your horse wears for a show won’t be the one they usually wear when you’re out riding, the one that stops their bridle slipping. Here, it’ll be another way to make your horse look fabulous. Because this has the potential to play such an important role, you’ll want to make sure it looks as good as possible, and keep your show horse browband specifically for show day. If you get it right, it can be the accessory that’s the cherry on top of the beautiful ice-cream that is your horse.

Choosing the right Browband

There are some things you’ll want to consider when it comes to choosing a browband for your horse. The first relates to colour; it’s important that the colour of the browband matches their complexion, as well as the other items that they’re wearing. After that, it’s all about getting creative, and making sure it has some touches that make your horse stand out from the crowd, and which show that this isn’t your usual browband.

How to find a show horse browband

If you’re looking for a browband for your showhorse, then it’s best to work with someone who has experience, and have your own, bespoke browband made. When it comes to horse shows, a browband that’s mass-produced won’t suffice. You need to make sure that it’s adding to the overall quality look of your horse, and only one that’s been specially designed will do that.

About the Company

To get the browband that’s perfect for your horse show needs, look no further than Jackie’s Browbands. With more than twenty years of experience under her belt, Jackie, who makes all of the browbands in-house, has the necessary skills to ensure your horse has a browband that makes them stand out from the crowd. Customers often note how durable and well-made Jackie’s browbands are, which is down to the manufacturing skill and the quality of the materials. There have been many horse show winners who, when they won, had one of Jackie’s Browbands creations on their head.

Get your browband right, and you’ll be giving your horse more of a chance of ending up on the winner’s podium come the end of the competition. While it’s just one component that’ll contribute to their success, it’s an important one. Take the time to get the right browband for your show horse, and you’ll find that they look more magnificent than ever.