Handman Horse Browband

Handman Horse Browband

If you’re looking for a bespoke, handmade horse browband, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Jackie’s Browbands, we’ve been making high-quality browbands for over 20 years. Our UK-based operations ensure that you get the highest quality materials every time. No exceptions.

Handmade Horse Browbands By Jackie

Our handmade horse browbands give you something different. Rather than showcasing your horse in mass-produced imported browbands, our handmade horse browbands are bespoke and made to order. You can find the perfect horse browband, no matter what the occasion.

With us, you can get a range of colours and styles. You can specify all the details of your browband to ensure that it fits your horse correctly. And you can speak with us directly if you’re unsure about which browband size or style to choose. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs in detail or send us a message on Facebook. We’re here to help.

Getting Your Handmade Horse Browband Is Easy

Here at Jackie’s Browbands, we want to make the process of designing and ordering a horse browband as easy as possible.

Step 1: Tell Us Your Preferred Design

Hop onto our website and choose the style of browband that you’d like from the drop-down menu. You can choose from a variety of designs or submit your own. The choice is yours.

Step 2: Tell Us The Dimensions

Each horse is different. That’s why we offer handmade horse browband lengths in quarter-inch increments. With us, you can also choose browband widths. We offer ¼, ½, ?, and 1 inch wide options.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Once you’ve decided on the dimensions that you want, it’s time to place your order. We aim to dispatch your order in just two days - a fantastic turnaround time.

Step 4: Pay

Once you’ve paid - either by bank transfer or Paypal - we’ll immediately begin creating your new handmade horse browband.

The Benefits Of A Handmade Horse Browband

Exceptionally High-Quality Materials

If you're ordering a handmade horse browband, you want something that lasts. The problem is that many browband manufacturers are focused on quantity, not quantity. With Jackie’s Browbands, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your horse browband is handmade in the UK to the highest standards.

Choose The Exact Design You Want

Not happy with off-the-shelf options? Not a problem. With Jackie’s you can order the exact handmade horse browband, you want every time.

Bargain Prices

At Jackie’s Browbands, we don’t believe horse owners should have to pay a fortune for handmade horse browbands. That’s why we offer the most affordable handmade horse browbands in the industry. Check out our incredible prices on our website.


Because horses are different shapes and sizes, so too should be their browbands. With Jackie’s, you can buy made-to-measure horse browbands that show off your steed at its best.

Buy Handmade Horse Browbands Today

If you’re looking for quality, UK-made handmade horse browbands, then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us today on 07743 091456 or email at jackie.pop@btinternet.com to find out more about our incredible browbands.