Browband Maker

Browband Maker

Your horse is, most likely, the most important creature in your life. You take care of them, you ride them, you make sure they’re happy. As part of your responsibility of being a horse owner, you also have to make sure that your horse looks the part. This is important in all cases, but especially so if you have any plans to enter your horse into shows. While you’ll already know of the essential grooming tasks you need to perform, did you also know that there are cosmetic additions you can also add to your horse? A browband is one such example.

About browbands

If you’re a horse owner, then you’ll know that there are some things you need for your horse, and some things you want. Browbands fall into both categories. Their primary function is to prevent the bridle from sliding down, but that’s just the starting point when it comes to why a horse owner would want one. They can also dramatically improve the overall appearance of the horse. They can be colourful, and stylish -- in short, your horse will love wearing them, and you’ll love riding a horse that looks so good.

What to look for in a browband

In order to get a browband for your horse, you’ll need to think about a few things. Not all browbands are suitable for every horse. In fact, they can be quite a horse-specific thing. To achieve the best look when it comes to buying a browband for your horse, you’ll need to think mostly about colour. There’s an element of preference when it comes to choosing a browband, but it’s just true that some browbands will better suit your horse’s complexion than others. You’ll also want to match the colour with your horse’s other accessories to create a balanced look.

Getting your own made

Another great option is to work with a browband maker, and have a custom one made for your horse. By taking this option, you’ll be able to have one that was made with your horse in mind. It can help make the browband a little extra special, and can really help your horse stand out from the crowd, especially at shows.

For others

You don’t have to be a horse owner to buy a browband. They also make excellent gifts! If you have a friend or family member who has a horse, then look at getting them one as a gift. And talking of gifts, a new browband is an excellent way to mark your horse’s birthday! Plus, they’ll look great for those birthday snaps.

About the company

If you’re looking for a browband for your horse, then look no further than Jackie’s Browbands. We’ve been making browbands and other accessories for more than twenty years, and always use high-quality materials for all our products. Made in-house by Jackie, we’ve won plenty of fans over the years for the durability and all-around style of our browbands. Get in touch, and get the perfect browband for your horse.