If you’re looking for stylish and sophisticated browbands, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Jackie’s Browbands, we’re dedicated to creating only the most luxurious contemporary browbands on the market, helping to make your horse look the best it possibly can whether at a competition, show or after a race.

Jackie’s Browbands

Here at Jackie’s Browbands, we’ve been making browbands and matching accessories for over 20 years. We’re renowned throughout the UK for the exceptional quality of the browbands that we make and our helpful consultative service. No matter the occasion or the horse, we can find a browband to match, all at an exceptionally affordable price.

So what are you waiting for? Get one of Jackie’s browbands today and show off your horse in the best light possible.

The Incredible Benefits Of Jackie’s Browbands

There are many browband supplies. So what do you get by choosing Jackie’s?

Hand-Made Browbands In The UK

When you go to a show, you want to see your horse looking its best. With Jackie’s UK-made browbands, you can. We make all our browbands to order in-house, using our browband production facility. With us, you can avoid cheap knock offs from overseas and get the real thing from a company that loves everything to do with horses.

Renowned For Style

At Jackie’s Browbands, we’re obsessed with browbands. We only use top quality materials sourced in the UK. No cheap imitation, and no browbands which will only last a couple of uses. With our browbands, you can dress your horse and make it look fantastic every time.

Quick Turnarounds

Need a browband quickly? With our quick turnaround, you can get the custom browband you need in just a few working days. It takes about two days from receipt of your order and payment to dispatch.

Free Advice On Which Browband To Choose

Not sure which browband to choose for the occasion? Not to worry: just pick up the phone and give us a call. Thanks to our 20 years of experience making browbands, there’s not much we don’t know. We’ll be able to tell you which browbands are suitable for your application.

Our Process

Ordering a browband takes several steps to ensure the correct setup for your horse.

Step 1: Choose A Bespoke Browband

First, you’ll need to choose the browband you need. Don’t worry; we have a helpful browband creator on our website that you can use to specify what you need.

Step 2: Choose A Length And Width

Next, you’ll need to choose how long and wide your browband is. We offer increments to the nearest quarter inch for length and offer four width options, depending on the design.

Step 3: Send Your Order

Send us your order through our website, or send us an instant message on Facebook: it’s easy.

Step 4: Submit Payment

Once you’ve paid using either Paypal or bank transfer, we’ll immediately start creating your browband.

Buy Your Dream Browband Today

With Jackie’s Browbands by your side, you can get custom browbands that will make your horse look fantastic. Get in touch with us today via our website or contact us directly on 07743091456.